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The N8VEM homebrew computer with a 3km wireless link

N8VEM_PocketTerm2009.jpg (183742 bytes)

Build this text based computer from scratch in a couple of hours. Hook it up to a surplus VGA display and a keyboard and add a wireless link for commuications to other boards and to a PC. The design and all software is open source. Cost is $50 for the N8VEM, $60 for the PocketTerm, $15 for the LCD display and $20 for the RF transceiver. The board runs CP/M which is a text based operating system. Free software available includes compilers in Basic, C, Fortran, Forth and assembly. Text editors include Vedit and Wordstar. Power consumption (not including the VGA monitor) is under half a watt, making the system suitable for battery and solar power. The N8VEM has 4 serial ports for interfacing to real world sensors and has 448k of battery backed ramdisk storage. Use the small 20x4 LCD display and/or the larger VGA display. Weblinks:

N8VEM discussion group

N8VEM file repository

PocketTerm VGA driver and keyboard RS232 terminal

20x4 LCD display

Yishi RF 433Mhz transceiver modules


Dr James Moxham, Adelaide, South Australia   March, 2009

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